Henry "Hank" Dixon / Mjolnir


Path: Acanthus

Virtue: Stubborn
Vice: Reckless

​Intelligence: 1
​Wits: 2
​Resolve: 3
Strength: 4
Dexterity: 2
Stamina: 3
Presence: 3
Manipulation: 1
Composure: 3

Skills: Crafts 1, Investigation 1, Medicine (first aid) 1, Occult 1, Athletics (throwing) 2, Brawl 2, Drive 3, Firearms 1, Weaponry 3, Expression 1, Intimidation 3, Streetwise 2, Subterfuge (play dumb) 1

​Merits: Artifact Hammer 6, Mentor (Scirocco) 2, Hallow 2 (shared 4)

Fate 2, Life 1, Prime 1, Time 2
​Gnosis: 1
Wisdom: 7
Mana: 10

Size: 5
​Health: 8
Willpower: 6
Speed: 11
Initiative: 5
Defense: 4

Solve a problem without magic
Stand up for yourself or others
​Prove that you’re not still the person you were.

Who will try to wield Mjolnir?


Hank Dixon is a white trash thug struggling to turn his life around. His family have lived in and around Mangham pretty much as long as he can remember, and his younger sister Barbara attends the Middle School. Never especially bright, Hank’s biggest failing throughout his life has been his tendency to follow the lead of others who didn’t necessarily have his best interests at heart, earning the otherwise well-intentioned young man his unfortunate reputation as muscle for kids who are smarter and meaner than him. His Awakening to the Path of Thistle gave him a moment of clarity to shake free of his thorny past even as it landed him in juvenile hall. Now he’s back in school for the new year and hoping to make sense of how his view of the world has changed.

​His formerly shaggy dark blonde hair has been trimmed into a buzz cut and he seems a bit more focused than before, but old habits die hard and his undefined muscular frame still makes an imposing first impression. He’s still trying to define his Shadow persona; so far he tends to stand or sit up a bit straighter when shifting into “wizard mode” at least.

Destiny is like inertia under Mjolnir’s nimbus, holding things in their proper place and keeping events on their course. The roll of distant thunder signals that change is possible but not effortless. In his immediate nimbus the mage appears as either unstoppable force or immovable object; woe unto those who find him in their way, or find themselves in his.

The Hammer: A seemingly incongruous Artifact for the Supernal Realm of Arcadia, it somehow found its way into Hank’s personal belongings prior to his being released from Juvenile hall. Made of a dark metal etched in creeping vine-like bluish-silver runes, Hank normally carries it under his shirt on a braided leather lanyard around his neck. Thanks to his studies with the Prime Arcanum Hank and his mentor have been able to identify the enchantments placed on it: triggered Matter spells to alter its size and grant Armor Piercing, as well as the Loyal Possession spell which works to return the hammer to Hank if it’s ever lost or taken from him. Hank has not yet been able to translate the High Speech runes on the hammer or determine exactly what it’s made of.

Henry "Hank" Dixon / Mjolnir

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