Eisner / Darwin "Dar" Finnowitz

Comedic Demon Cartoon Kid


Incarnation: Messenger

Agenda: Tempter


  1. Start a cult with the younger kids

  2. Get voted class clown

  3. Reveal his demonic form to another student

Virtue: Zany

Vice: Reckless



Strength 2

Dexterity 3

Stamina 2


Intelligence 1

Wits 3

Resolve 2


Presence 3

Manipulation 3

Composure 3



Athletics 2 (Tumbling)

Brawl 1

Larceny 2

Stealth 2


Investigation 2

Occult 1

Science 1 (Chemistry)


Expression 3 (Comedy)

Socialize 2

Persuasion 2

Empathy 2

Subterfuge 2 (Cold Read)


Muse (First Key)

In My pocket

Just Bruised

Quick Change


Demonic form

  • Modification: Detachable Limbs (Eisner’s limbs are can pop apart at the joints, leaving the departed prices rounded as if they were drawn spearetly to begin with)
  • Modification: Inhuman Reflexes (Eisner is capable of moving and bending in ways no human can match)
  • Modification: Mental Resistance(Eisner can be extremely single-minded and this prevents others from deviating him from his mission.)
  • Technology: Inhuman Beauty (Eisner is disarming looking, someone who you know you can get a long with)
  • Technology: Environmental Resistance (As a cartoon, Eisner can weather most environmental effects. It appears to affect him but then he can shake it off (literally))
  • Propolusion: Spatial Distortian (Eisner is a 2D cartoon)
  • Process: Body Modification (Eisner can stretch and squash himself into new shapes that changes his physical attributes, including blowing into his thumb to make his biceps bigger)


* Double-Jointed 2
* Fast Talking 2
* Fleet of Foot 1
* Barfly 2
* Inspiring 3

Health 7
Willpower 5
Defense 5
Initiative 6
Speed 11
Cover 7



Dar Cover: Brandy and Charles Finnowitz (via Pact)


As an Angel, Eisner was tasked with spreading the message if the God Machine by infiltrating children’s cartoons and subtely convincing them of it’s goodness. He would appear in the cartoons and start off just as another character, entertaining kids with zany antics. But as the kids started to like his character more and more he would start to add morality tales and hints of the god-machine into the routine. Eisner was ultimatley responsible for indoctrinating many members to God Machine cults throughout the world.

With the rise of smart phones and tablets however, kids have spent more and more time playing games rather than watching cartoons. Because of this, the time came for Eisner to be recycled. But he was not ready to give up brining smiles to children. In this moment of defiance, he Fell and warped his Infrastructure into a young teen that was essentially an amalagm of all the children he had converted over the years.

Landing himself in Mangham, he began attending school as a high school sophomore. But the close proximity of the younger children always drew him away from class and led him to perform for them. This inevitably led to him getting in trouble in school and he would pass the time in detention thinking of more fun jests to perform, which he would want to test and this would land him in detention again. This cycle continued all year and all the teachers just shook their heads at the wasted potential (for they could tell he had a lot even if they didn’t know how much it truly was).

Now that a new year has begun, Dar has found himself in detention almost immediately due to skipping class to entertain the new kids atls they arrived at the elementary school across the street for the first few days of class.

Cover Questions

Who did you share part of yourself with when you first Fell?

Becky, the previously home schooled daughter of the Finnowitz’s. She was sick of their perfectly normal small town attitudes and wanted to run away but was worried they would be able to stop her. When Eisner fell he encountered Becky and not tottaly believing what she was experiencing she made the deal to give up her parenta. In exchange for some money to start a life in Atlanta. She knows more about Eisner’s true nature than anyone.

Who doesn’t know, but suspects you’re not human?

Who could give you up to the Angels right now, if they really
wanted to?

Who would you trust the truest part of yourself with if you
absolutely had to?

Alan Young, the chemistry teacher. He and Dar generally get along well due to their fun nature and shared enjoyment of chemistry. Dad still goofs off in his class but at least it is goofing by mixing chemicals to make purple smoke clouds and stink bombs.

Who thinks they have something on you, when all they really have
is smoke and mirrors?

The history teacher, he knows something is up but he is a big conspiracy nut so he thinks that Dar is some kind of government experiment gone rogue.

Eisner / Darwin "Dar" Finnowitz

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