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  • Audrey tony

    The first black principal of Mangham high school and the first principal since the formerly private school was seized by the district. Mrs Tony has a lot to prove in many different ways. She doesn't tolerate bullshit on the part of her teachers or …

  • Alan Young

    Alan young has been teaching chemistry at Mangham high since the 80s. Most students know that he and [[:audrey-tony | Audrey tony]] do not get along but don't know why... other than him being the fun teacher to Tony's stick in the mud.

  • Lonnie Burmingham

    He has been teaching history at Mangham High since it was a private school. His tendency to spout off conspiracy theories when he is supposed to be teaching what he mockingly calls the ":official history" means that [[:audrey-tony | Audrey tony]] wants to …

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