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  • Melissa Ellision

    The queen bee of the school, she used to date [[:cedric-holiday | Cedric Holiday]] but they had a nasty breakup the last day of school last year. Currently dating [[:dylan-prescott | Dylan Prescott]] for some reason

  • Dylan Prescott

    Even with his money, it is anyone's guess how this nerd lord managed to snag [[:melissa-ellision | Melissa Ellision]]

  • Emily Holton

    The other popular girl in school, Emily Holton is the daughter of [[:robert-holton | Robert Holton]] and a member of one of the founding families of [[Mangham Georgia | Mangham Georgia]] . Her father owns the Avenues shopping center. Everyone who isn't …

  • Keneth Cahoone

    The brother of [[:samantha-cahoone | Samantha Cahoone]] he is being groomed by their father to take over the Partner's Pizza Joint. He has been more angry than usual lately, for whatever reason.

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