Sam Boone


Legend: Wrathful
Life: Loyal
Family: Anakim
Hunger: Ruin
Horror: Rampaging Boar
Mental Attributes: Intelligence 2, Wits 2, Resolve 2
Physical Attributes: Strength 3, Dexterity 2, Stamina 3
Social Attributes: Presence 2, Manipulation 2, Composure 3
Mental Skills: Academics 1 (Legends), Crafts 2, Medicine 1 , Occult 1
Physical Skills: Athletics 3 (Lifting), Brawl 4 (Multiple Opponents), Firearms 1, Larceny 2, Weaponry 1
Social Skills: Intimidation 3, Streetwise 2, Subterfuge 2, Survival 1
Merits: Encyclopedic Knowledge (Academics), Fame 1, Giant, Iron Skin 1, Relentless Assault 1, Striking Looks 2
Willpower: 5
Lair: 1 (Undergrowth, Rotting)
Atavisms: Cyclopean Strength, Relentless Hunter
Nightmares: Everything You Do Is Worthless, Run Away

Short-Term: Spend some time alone in a peaceful, isolated place. Chat for a while with someone who’s not my grandparents.
Long-Term: Learn enough about my nature of Beast to decide what I want to do with my powers.

Sam is, to be blunt, huge. He’s taller than all the other boys of his age (and many adults as well), to the point many take him as a grown-up man, and a rather big one to boot. Sam keeps his brown-reddish hair short, shaving them himself in an almost military cut. He often wears old, dismissed clothes of all sorts (as long as they fit), but his grandparents try to buy him some new ones for special occasion. He almost always wear a baseball hat when outside.

Some think Sam is slow-witted and shy, but that’s only because he has almost nobody to talk with. He has his passions and a peculiar love for legends and fairytales that doubles as escapism. A bunch of people have mentioned that Sam might shine in certain sports, but nobody is willing to let him try. The general idea is that he’s not worth the trouble.

Sam’s Horror is an immense, nightmarish boar. Its hide is covered in blood and pierced by dozens of arrows, spears and swords. Its Lair is a mountainous forest, with the ground littered by ancient weapons, armors and the bones of their owners. There’s trace of old ruins and buildings here and there, but they all been destroyed and reclaimed by nature long ago. The environment is almost actively aggressive towards living creatures, as open wounds fester and life is drained by all intruders. Only the Boar itself is strong enough to endure here.


Sam had the bad luck to be born into a family filled with small criminals, thieves and troublemakers. While he rarely interacts with the worst elements of the Boone family (including his father, who has been in jail since Sam was a little kid), their reputation haunted Sam since childhood. This, combined with his somewhat intimidating appearance, made it so that too many of the adults in town always treated him as a lost cause, someone destined to end the same way as many of his relatives. This attitude left a mark over the time and a part of Sam has come to believe what others have told him so many times. Years of frustration and undeserved mistrust make it so that Sam has plenty of rage to vent, something that surfaces through tantrums and impulsive vandalism. The school has him listed as problematic student and most teachers treat him accordingly, but many would surprised to discover his grades are average and there’s no heinous crime or act of bullism in his file. The truth is that most people are just afraid of him and treat him accordingly, something he’s aware of. Too bad he has no idea how to make them change their mind (and has started to believe it’s not worth trying)

Those who give Sam a chance discover that he’s way more friendly and kind that his looks would suggest, but it will take some time and patience to get through all the defenses he had to raise over the years and go beyond a casual chat.

Sam lives with his maternal grandparents. They told him that his mother left when he was a little kid, though there’s a recurring gossip in town that Sam’s father killed her. On his part, Sam refuses to think about her. His grandparents try to keep him away from all the Boone family, but Sam still visits some of the “good” ones from time to time. At times, less than savory individuals, either family members or their associates, recognize and approach Sam. This led him into danger on many occasions, but he always managed to handle the situation.

Sam’s Devouring complicated things a lot. After weeks of unexplainable nightmares, the Devouring came out of nowhere in a heated summer night. It happened spontaneously, with no other Beast involved, but Sam could not deny the bond with the monstrous boar that rampaged through his dreams. The Devouring brought clarity to his life and now Sam feels like he found a missing piece of himself, but he has to deal with Hunger and his now-empowered wrath without any guidance. No other Begotten has approached him so far and Sam wonders if he’s the only monster of his kind.

Sam Boone

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