Roger Bailey


Concept: Reluctant Cahalith
Blood: Fox
Bone: Lone Wolf
Auspice: Cahalith
Tribe: None as of yet
Lodge: None
Aspirations: Vindicate himself or accept responsibility for his actions (short-term), Avoid interacting with the miscreants around him or make a new friend (short-term), Complete or abandon his genealogy project (long-term)

Intelligence: 2 Wits: 3 Resolve: 3 Strength: 3 Dexterity: 1 Stamina: 2 Presence: 3 Manipulation: 1 Composure: 3


Mental: Academics 3 (Genealogy), Computer 2, Crafts 1, Investigation 2, Occult 1, Politics 2 Physical: Athletics 2 (Sprinting), Brawl 1, Drive 1, Larceny 1, Stealth 2 Social: Empathy 2, Expression 2 (Oration), Subterfuge 1

Renown: Glory 1, Cunning 1
Kuruth Trigger: “The Other”

Passive: Roger comes within 10 yards of a supernatural entity Common: Roger witnesses a supernatural entity do something oviously inhuman Specific: Roger is the target of a supernatural power.

Touchstones: His Grandfather (toward spirit), his genealogy project (toward humanity).
Harmony: 7
Primal Urge: 1

Gibbous Moon War Howl Knowledge Needle (Cunning) This Story is True (Glory) Pack Down the Prey (Glory)

Merits: Moon-Kissed (Expression), Totem (••, Spirit of the school Library), Area of Expertise (Genealogy), Language (German), Mentor (His Grandfather, ••, Occult, Politics and Animal Ken), Safe Place (His basement, ••), Status (Grandson of a respect Ithauer shaman, •)


The son of an Iraq casualty and a woman who disappeared years ago, Roger lives with his Opa Uwe, who has taken care of him since he was a child. He’s grown into a wiry, unhappy teenager, who’s grown somewhat obsessed with tracing his father’s family tree in a vain attempt to reconnect with him, but it’s ultimate the lineage of the mother he never knew that’s asserted itself in his life as of late, when under a gibbous moon he transformed into a beast of fur and fury. When he returned from his hunt, his grandfather was there, with a knowing smile, as he explained to Roger what had just happened.

Since then, Roger has been pointedly ignoring his supernatural nature whenever his grandfather isn’t demanding he pay attention to it. However, when some hooligans tried to take his backpack, containing his father’s army dress uniform, brought for an American History presentation, resulted in him breaking a nose and getting put in detention, it may be a lot harder for him to ignore the supernatural.

Roger Bailey

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