Alden Santos


Virtue: Calm
Archetype: Mourner
Geist: Pale Sister
Threshold: Stricken

Size: 5
Speed: 10
Initiative: 5
Defense: 6
Willpower: 5
Psyche: 1
Synergy: 7

Keystone: Thousands of bleeding eyes tattoo(Forgotten)
Keys: Stigmata, Industrial
Skill: Expression

The Keystone spreads all over the wearers body covering him up in bloody tattoos that seem to be mixed with blood. The tattoo grows depending on how long the user uses any of the keys on the memento starting with a single eye that grows randomly (it seems to grow mostly from the shoulder or back) then spreads slowly similar to that of an infection.

Intelligence: 2
Strength: 3
Presence: 2
Wits: 2
Dexterity: 2
Manipulation: 2
Resolve: 3
Stamina: 3
Composure: 2

Academics:2 Medicine(Disease):1 Occult (Ghosts):3 Science: 1
Athletics (Endurance): 4 Brawl: 3 Stealth: 2 Survival 1 Weaponry: 1
Empathy:1 Persuasion: 2 Subterfuge: 1

Merits: Indomitable: 2 Tolerance for Biology: 1 Iron will: 2 Boxing: 2 Eye for the Strange: 2

Keys: Stigmata, Phantasmal Manifestations: Caul: 2 Rage: 1 Ceremonies:Pass on: 1

Long Term: Finish first semester with a gpa of 4.0
Short Term: Make new friends
Short Term: Pass his first advance class with an A

Alden was a normal thirteen year old during the time of his Bargain. Like any normal family he would always get a flu shot every year but during this year his family opted not to seeing as he looked healthy already or that he never had a cold or disease since he was six. The next thing they knew he was in the ER. As he was surrounded by doctors trying to heal him he was saved by an angel in the form of the Pale sister who made a deal with the wayward teen. “Take me with you let me have the childhood I never experienced.” Hearing the terms of the deal the teen accepted the deal becoming one of the bound.

Waking up from that hospital Alden became apathetic to life. His emotion dulled when he died while he still has some form of. His family considered to send him to therapy but opted not to thinking that this was a phase that will wear off at some point. All the while his “Sister” is also trying to wake him from this apathy via trying to make him socialize or joining clubs hoping to get him more active in life not only for his sake but for her enjoyment so far the closest thing that’s working is the boxing club.

Geist: The pale child was only but a child when she died her skin has become pale, eyes yellow and bright what little remains of her clothes is torn and bloody as the very same blood endlessly seeps from her mouth for some strange reason she seems to adorns a bleeding eye on her forehead much to her bounds confusion. Born during the time Europeans went to America It took her a couple of century’s before she became a Geist thinking to use it as a way to get back to life she searches for the dying young hoping to receive a full childhood as well as piggy back ride to the true afterlife.

Alden Santos

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